The-Devils-Triangle-A-Brit-in-the-FBIThe Devil’s Triangle by Catherine Coulter – Free EBOOKS Download

The Brit in the FBI series is hot right now, and, if you’ve been waiting for a brand-new thriller in the franchise, you’re in luck, because The Devil’s Triangle has just hit the bookshelves! Nicholas and Michaela are back, dear readers, and they’ve got a whole new team to lead.

The Fox, one of the most dangerous and elusive thieves in the world. He is back, and the dynamic duo must do everything in their power to stop a new group of villains. Otherwise they risk ending up on the outskirts. Covert Eyes is the Bureau’s brand-new elite squad. It is hunting the deadliest criminals in the US and all over the world. Their job is to track and eliminate the biggest threats out there and to get back home safe and sound.

Obviously, they could never expect to get a call from The Fox from Italy asking for their immediate help. Kitsune managed to snatch a game-changing artifact from a fancy museum in Turkey. But now her own client wants to put her down. And she has a message for the Covert Eyes team. It’s a warning: the terrifying Gobi sandstorm that has already taken the lives of thousands of folks in China was never a natural phenomenon. It was made possible by men.

Nick and Michaela hop on the next plane to Venice. They have to figure out what’s really going on and how to stop the madmen. They are on the clock and are forced to race against time and a crazy family that wants to erase Washington from existence. The Devil’s Triangle is a brilliant thriller. It will keep you on the edge of your seat with a fast-paced, heart-pounding plot, a wonderful line-up of characters and a great mystery.