James Weston hasn’t given a damn about anything or anyone ever since the first time he took a life. Except now the hired killer is on a very different type of job: Babysitting. Willa Belli has trouble following her. She is used to partying and trips to the most exotic parts of the world, but her glamorous lifestyle has taken a heavy blow. Now that she knows exactly where her father’s money comes from, she’s determined to finally do something right and put a stop to it. That is if she can stay alive long enough.

But the stakes are high as her father’s men comb the country for her and she’s forced to put her trust in a stranger who seems torn between ignoring her and staring with a lust from her deepest fantasies. But she needs to be careful. Because James Weston is deadly, greedy and sexy as hell.

A quote from the book: The Dangerous Thief by Mallory Crowe

Willa started to crawl out of bed, but James’s hand shot out and wrapped around her upper arm. “Where are you going?” Busted…. “Nowhere,” she said softly even though it was just the two of them at his house in Arizona. They’d flown in that afternoon, and except for a few bathroom and shower breaks, neither of them had left the bed. On one hand, it was incredibly stress relieving. On the other, it was just reminding her of everything else she should be doing. James pulled her back down and into the crook of his body as he wrapped his big arms around her and nestled his face into her neck. “Then be nowhere with me.”

She had no idea whether he meant for that to sound so romantic, but she practically swooned. “I just….” She tried to take a note from his book and use as few words as possible to get her point across. “I’m so happy. And I shouldn’t be.” “Is this about your father?”

She thought about the night before. She had stayed outside while James and Jennifer had gone inside. They’d found her father’s body and the burned remains of what they’d probably been looking for. The Department of Defense documents. When she thought about her father not being around anymore, she felt… a lot of things. She did feel sad, but she was also grateful. Relieved she didn’t have to worry about his activities. Guilty she didn’t feel worse. Guilty that she felt bad about his death.

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