the-complete-works-of-william-shakespeare-1The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD

The complete works of William Shakespeare was issued in 1994. This edition includes all 37 plays that make up the “Shakespeare Canon”, which corresponds to the contents of the first editions of the works of Shakespeare in 1623. In addition, the publication includes poems and Shakespeare’s sonnets, as well as several cycles of lyric poems, the authorship of which is attributed by tradition to him.

Thus, the first volume contains the Comedy, which takes place not on Italian soil; volume II – Italian Comedy; volumes III-IV Chronicles; volume V – the four most famous, the so-called “great” tragedies of Shakespeare; volume VI – the tragedy at the ancient themes of a historical nature; volume VII – antique and faux play with a fictional story (it also includes a play that stands somewhat apart in the works of Shakespeare, “measure for Measure”); volume VIII – three “drama” or “tragicomedy”, referring to the last years of Shakespeare, and his poem…

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