Oscar Wilde. Birthday of the InfantaWhat beautiful, shrill and cruel fairy tale! As the painter, Oscar Wilde bright words dabs draws a strange picture — the beginning of the Birthday of the Infanta

Saturated, rich colors are used also at the description of clothes of the Princess and court. And as the contrast to all this is the sad, shipped in melancholy King who looks at a holiday from a window. Looking at the Infanta, he remembers her mother, young Koroleva who has died all in half a year after the birth of the daughter and to whose death he hasn’t reconciled. And the holiday gains steam: here both a comic bullfight, and puppet theater, and Roma with a bear and monkeys! But the most ridiculous is a dance of the fantastic freak, little Dwarf! As the little Princess laughed looking at ridiculous grimaces and jumps of this clown! And at the end of representation, having remembered as women of quality to the idols throw flowers, she has pulled out a fine white rose from hair and, for fun, has thrown her on the arena. Also I have gone to the Palace where she was already expected by a magnificent feast. And what Dwarf? And the Dwarf has been fascinated by the charming girl! He was in love and has solved, as she has reciprocated to him, having presented a fine flower. The poor, unfortunate freak who didn’t even suspect as far as he is ugly!. And further?! Read, please! And to the children too! Beauty and ugliness, wealth and poverty, kindness and callousness. Eternal subjects. And tremendous fairy tales!

Oscar Wald incomparable verbal artist of the time. He radiates and flares in the to the fairy tale such expressions that there is a wish to be constant with these heroes together.

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