Tainted Kiss by Terri Anne BrowningThe book «Tainted Kiss», authored by popular author Terri Anne Browning, became a best seller in the genre of «contemporary romance». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels. The book «Tainted Kiss» by Terri Anne Browning you can download in EPUB format. Review the book «Tainted Kiss (TAINTED KNIGHTS #1)»: A soft touch to my bare back pulled me out of a deep sleep. One touch from her, and I was sure she could have awoken me from death. “I can’t sleep,” she muttered with a pout in her voice. She stroked her fingers up my spine, softly teasing me. “So, you thought I should be awake, too?” I groaned, turning over and pulling her head onto my shoulder before kissing her forehead.

“Something like that.” She started her stroking fingers up again on my waist, tracing over my abs before circling my naval. I shifted, trying to get comfortable on my bed. We had been back from tour for over a month now, and for the most part, we’d been staying at my place. I wanted to call it our place, but she was determined to remain at Jenna’s apartment, where we had only slept four times so far.

I knew if it weren’t for the fact that I would eventually have to go on tour again, she would officially move in with me. She didn’t want to be alone while I was gone, and I didn’t want her to be, either, so I hadn’t put up too much of a fight about it.ng ribs.

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