Noticed how much comes out thick novels? So uh, Zadie Smith released a new book…I have noted some revival of the style of Virginia Woolf, attention to detail, the nuances of feelings and impressions. All present in the new novel Smith. Starts very enthusiastically, with the friendship of two very different girls living in London. Unites them only for their unusual skin color: mocha.

Both go to dance school, but the mother of the narrator, progressive black woman from Jamaica, despises it. It’s utterly far removed from any stereotypical female occupations, getting an education, by the end of the book – and his life – became a member of Parliament…the Families of our unnamed heroine makes me think about Sadi, is also the daughter of an Englishman and a girl from Jamaica, and it is also the second marriage of the father…

The narrative jumps from past to present and back; we learn that our heroine after University he got a job at the music channel, where she met the pop star, the idol of her generation. The star took her assistant, and the novel mostly tells about the life of the heroine in the assistants, with reminiscences about the vicissitudes of friendship with the black girl from my childhood. What worries me in all this? The absence of thought. Deep, interesting lines, for which the cost to read 450 pages of dense text. Our heroine is uninteresting to toothache; the details of her life boring – its Outlook is narrow, the reasoning of the flat, the range of problems is ridiculous. Even the undoubted talent Smith-the narrator does not help. Unfortunate obsession with the experiences of one character, the absence of significant events, giving the novel a volume – a common problem of modern literature.

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