Ellie, the heroine of this sultry, dirty and naughty erotic novel, has more than a few reasons to stay as far away from Mr. Landry as she possibly can. However, now that they’re standing in front of each other, she can’t take her eyes away from his sexy smirk, perfectly-shaped body, perfect suit and that alpha male charisma. What were those “brick-strong” reasons again?

Now, Ford knows all too well that this girl kinda hates his guts and that he’s the last man on planet Earth that she wants to hook up with, but he simply doesn’t care about that. He’s used to getting what he wants, and despite all her efforts, he’s confident that Ellie will be in his bed – sooner than later. No woman out there can make him feel the way she does, and he can’t go on without having a proper taste of it.

She looks super pretty when she’s trying to be angry, and after all these years, this young woman is even more beautiful than he remembers. Those passionate lips, the curves of that gorgeous body, those eyes – it all comes back to him the second he looks at her. Yes, it’s going to be really hard to win her back, but if he succeeds, he’ll never let her run away ever again.

That mistake will always remind him of what’s really important in his life – Ellie, the girl that he’ll always love and care for. Swear is one of those majestic romantic novels that are equally sweet, fun, naughty and sexy. It’s safe to say that Adriana Locke wrote a brilliant book that will be appreciated both by the fans of hearty, moving stories and by the readers that love an Earth-scorching love affair. Humor, love, passion, ardor, tears of joy and unbelievably hot bed scenes – that’s what you’ll find in Swear.

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