struwwelpeter-merry-stories-and-funny-pictures-by-heinrich-hoffmannStruwwelpeter: Merry Stories and Funny Pictures is a historical monument to horror stories of which frighten children two hundred years ago. Heinrich Hoffmann, from the writing on the book was a children’s doctor and wrote this book for their little patients, simultaneously drawing the illustrations.

The fact that the author was a physician, reflected in the themes of horror stories: who doesn’t trim his hair and nails to grow the same eerie, like Struwwelpeter am main (creepy picture attached); the boy said that he will not eat soup, after which he became thinner and thinner and then died of starvation; the other boy sucked on his fingers and the tailor cut it off for him. In addition, from the book we learn the story of the gaper who hasn’t seen under the feet, and therefore fell into the river; the story of a boy who was swinging on the chair, fell, and it fell on the tablecloth with him standing on her lunch; the story of a boy who went walking in the rain, and swept with an umbrella in an unknown direction; the story of the evil rabbit who has paid for his malice, and the story of the evil children who paid the price for mocking the little Arab; moreover, the girl who played with matches, burned alive, and the boy that hit the dog the dog was bitten in the leg.

All stories filed in a poetic form, very old fashioned, rather ugly, but very preachy. Each short poem is accompanied by a very bloodthirsty drawings. 


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