Stirrups by Torna McCutchinsThe book «Stirrups», authored by very popular author Torna McCutchins, became a best seller in the genre of «contemporary romance». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels. The book «Stirrups» by Torna McCutchins you can download in EPUB format.

Review the book «Stirrups»: FIRST SNOW IN a long time in Remount. Flain drove Ney in his pickup into town to watch the children sled. We got four inches and that’s more than enough to send the kids into the streets. It will also sell out all the milk and bread in every store in north Alabama. Here in this state the snow in itself is a milder form of the apocalypse. No graves for me today. For some reason people won’t bury in the snow as if it makes any difference to the deceased. As I gaze from the window to the vast back pasture, most of which we do not own, I watch the cows gnawing at the hay.

The pigs are in their wallow, indifferent to the cold, closer to the house on the left, chickens about them craning their necks finding food only they can see. The hawk above them is somewhat interested, a Sharp-Shinned hawk who is waiting for a chicken to stray from the pig’s cold wallow. Hawks and any animal with the least bit of sense will avoid a mother sow. They’re mean enough when they don’t have piglets, and they’re from Hades when they do.

A week ago the sow charged and clipped me. Her piglets were wrapped around both of my feet while I was trying to empty her slop. She didn’t think too highly of me. She grunted once and sent me flying. Flain said my collar bone was cracked. Has me in a sling to isolate it. I could still dig with the backhoe, but the snow shut that down.

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