Speak by Laurie Halse AndersonFourteen year old Melinda Sordino in the first day of school discovers that became the school outcast. The ninth-grader, before a pretty popular girl, it’s not surprising – she knows what’s happened to the party about the onset of the holidays she called the police. Many of this was trouble. But the true reasons for his action Melinda so no one was open.

The act was spontaneous and was caused by the utter confusion of a girl who had no idea what should do in this situation. However, to give any explanations she did not, and indeed almost ceased to communicate with anyone, driven by his pain and confusion inside myself and suffered in silence.

In the early days of educational sessions Melinda persecuted, humiliated, bullied. But, as in direct conflict, it is not, the students soon enough her leave, gluing to it the label of “psycho”. Communicates only with her new girl, unaware of what happened in the summer, but also in dire need of a friend and support. And the only outlet for Chalk are graphic arts classes. Only there she can Express herself and escape from his own loneliness.

The book describes the four quarters of the academic year during which the tragedy Melinda slowly begins to leave in the past four quarters almost complete loneliness and abandonment. Even a quite wealthy girl’s parents don’t understand what was happening to her, and do not want to understand – they are concerned about their own, personal problems. Their alarming silence of the daughter, and the deterioration of her academic performance, but even can not think to get to the root of it. Teachers and the school psychologist, seeing the problem, as it does not go deep, limiting themselves to superficial conversations and punishments.

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