soda-politics-by-dr-marion-nestleThe author spent his entire life writing about the food industry and food giants. And this book is no exception, she screams about how insanely popular carbonated beverages are harmful, this book reveals the real truth about them. It’s safe to say that sodas are attracted to each of us, they are practically a penny, as they contain only water and sugar, but at the same time, they make hundreds of millions of dollars for companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

It’s safe to say that almost every person on earth tried carbonated drink, or heard about it. Advertising says that they refresh and energize, but no one tells us that soda leads to tooth decay or obesity, or other serious diseases, such as diabetes.

This book, it will tell you the whole process, and help you to understand and comprehend, as it is all harmful for our body. Advertising makes us think that soda is better than water. The author tells us how companies spend huge amount of money to soda looked great, but wasn’t.

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