Silence – A Fable by Edgar Allan Poe

Silence-A-Fable-Edgar-Allan-PoeShort philosophical parable. About the demon, nature and man. The author paints before the eyes of the reader a landscape of nature, but not the same as people are used to seeing. Try to show the contrast: the calm surface of the river, rustling under the breeze of grass and shining in the firmament of the sun, this picture gives people “Peace of mind” and can say “Peace”.

How, then, does the nature of “Despair”? When the soul, a man tormented by many troubles, sorrow, universal weariness and disgust for his own kind? These demons of loneliness? The answer is simple: the water of such rivers will be painful hue. Her water colors are full of poison. The sun the color of blood. The sky will be worn leaden clouds, and dripping with rain they will leave on the skin a drop of blood. But a strong man can withstand the landscape, and in his suffering, even revels in them.

What happens if there is a change of scenery and coming “Silence”? Have you ever wondered where are you afraid to be? “Silence” is the greatest horror of human.

It is the silence, the calm, the boundless desert, in which no sound, and immense loneliness forever… you want to portray this landscape oil paintings, to draw a picture. The little story about how mighty and powerful is silence. Sometimes it is even louder than the elements and storms. Scary and hectic.

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