Shadow’s Seduction by Kresley ColeThe book «Shadow’s Seduction», authored by popular author Kresley Cole, became a best seller in the genre of «contemporary romance». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels. The book «Shadow’s Seduction» by Kresley Cole you can download in EPUB format or PDF. Review the book «Shadow’s Seduction (THE DACIANS #2)»: Mirceo beat his skull and tore at his hair. Was Mina crying for her big brother? Was she scared? Is she . . . dead?

Though the need to save her clawed at his throat, his fangs were dull and useless. His mind understood why this act was necessary, yet his body remained irrevocably faithful to his mate. Mirceo had even tried to imagine he was about to sink his fangs into one of Caspion’s warm, welcoming veins, but his body hadn’t been fooled.
He’d just thought, I need my demon, when familiar hands seized his wrists. A low voice soothed: “Hey, hey, love. I’ve got you.” Strong arms enfolded him. “Shh, shh. Stop this, vampire. I’ve got you.”

Caspion. Mirceo shuddered from relief. “Am I dreaming you?”
“I’m here.” Lothaire demanded, “Who the hell is this demon in my court?”
Pride ringing in his tone, Caspion said, “I’m the tracker who’s going to get Mina back.”