The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J.R. Ward

The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J.R. WardThe book “The Shadows” by J.R. Ward – perhaps the most emotional book in the series “Black Dagger Brotherhood” and the most tragic.

In the darkness of night in the city Caldwell, New-York, is a deadly war for survival. She rages between vampires and their sworn enemies, people without a soul — lesserly. And there is a secret band of brothers like no one… six warriors, vampires, defenders of their race.

The main role in this book, J. R. Ward takes the brothers Trez and iAm. J.R. tells us about the Shadows of their traditions and of course as the brotherhood of shadow find their women… In the book, two ends, and if he’s good for one, for another it is very bad…

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