See Me by Nicholas Sparks (EPUB, PDF Download)What could be more common in the young lawyer Mary, whose life is painted literally on minutes, and extremely athletic College student, Colin? They will bring fate… or the machine broken Mary. Colin, as a true man, could not help the girl. It would seem, what could be next? Their ways parted. But Serena, the younger sister of Mary, not satisfied with such a scenario of events and she adjusts to her sister and Colin’s unexpected meeting… the Events that follow on, the reader does not expect.

Persecution, secret notes, a strange situation that happened in the past Mary. All of these events surrounding you in the midst of what is happening and is not released until the end of the book. I was very interested in who is the very bad man (I won’t reveal the whole mystery of the book). Unfortunately, not all readers can understand and solve all Colin. All his actions, his passions, and especially character – quick-tempered, sometimes not controlled. But this man waited for Maria, the girl whose life was not enough of life itself. It has everything: high-paying job, a beautiful family, a favorite hobby, but there’s those people who made her life in paint.

So people began her new friends, friends of Colin, Lily, and Evan. Such friends can only dream of. They will help in any situation. Need to learn how to dance salsa in 3 days? No problem! Don’t know what to wear on a date? We already bought you new things! You need a place to live? My apartment is at your disposal! And many more such situations, But what struck me more was the last thing Lily and Evan in the book. When their friends, Colin and Mary were in huge trouble and was no more chance of a happy outcome machine with friends took off to help. This Quartet just the ideal of friendship in the modern world. So different, but always ready to help.

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