Second Draft by C.M. SeabrookThe book “Second Draft”, authored by the popular author C. M. Seabrook, became a best seller in the genre of “contemporary romance”. Thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new interesting novels.

Review the book “Second Draft”: I can feel Layla’s eyes on me with every flip of the page. It’s her manuscript, the second draft of the one she had originally wrote, and it’s good. Really good. Not only because it’s well written, but because in a way it’s our story.

Two people who have to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to be together. I read the final paragraph and my chest squeezes, because she’s written her happy ending. No, our happy ending.

She knew that no matter how much they had lost, they had gained so much more. He was her one. The one. The only person who had ever made her feel truly and completely loved. It didn’t matter what the world thought of them, because with him by her side, every day was a fairytale come to life. And he was her happily ever after.