Rock Hard Seal by Rye HartName of eBook: Rock Hard Seal
Author: Rye Hart
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
The book «Rock Hard Seal» by Rye Hart Review and Quotes: It still felt f*cked up to be in a crowd full of people going about their work days. After four months of retirement, I still couldn’t shake off the surreal feeling that it was over.

All of those years being a killer, a death-dealer when needed, and here I was – a free man. Funny enough, being back in the real world left me feeling like a shit-storm was going to smack into me any minute. I felt like I was completely out of place.

There was a time when I had a purpose and a strategy. Meticulously preparing myself and my men for battle – they were my brothers and I would have done anything for them. Death shadowed me everywhere I turned and it became the norm – but I never expected tragedy to strike from home. Finding out about Mom’s cancer screwed with my head and my mind started to unravel beyond my control. F*cked up dreams played my mind day and night – dicking with me as I walked around the dusty streets of the middle east. It was what it was, and I wouldn’t change a goddamn thing about it. My mom meant everything to me, and the decision became easy when I focused on her.

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