The Risk by Jaci JName of eBook: The Risk by Jaci J
Author: Jaci J
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub.
The book «The Risk» by Jaci J Review and Quotes: Three-nine-one-one dash one-one-seven. A numerical nightmare. A sequence of numbers that play on repeat in my head, day and f*cking night. I hear them in my sleep, and I think about them throughout the day. I try like a hell to forget them, but they’re still there, haunting me.

Three-nine-one-one dash one-one-seven is my inmate ID, a number that’ll forever be burned into my goddamn brain. It’s been with me for six years, and it’ll be with me until they stuff my ass in a pine box and bury me six feet under out behind the club somewhere.

Sitting at the old bar at the club, I toss back my third shot, refilling the glass once it’s drained. It’s quiet around here today. The silence is helpful, but I’m lonely as f*ck. Everyone’s doing their thing; working, riding, and living, while I’m here, soaking up the whiskey like a sponge.

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