Raiden’s Choice by J.L. LeslieName of eBook: Raiden’s Choice
Author: J.L. Leslie
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub.
The book «Raiden’s Choice» by J.L. Leslie Review and Quotes: My mom was married to one of their members. His old lady. She wasn’t a club whore or one of those women who were just passing through. She may as well have been a member of the Ravens herself.

My parents, Victoria and Dax Daughtry, are club royalty. My grandfather, Maxwell, is the club president and every member knows my dad is on his way to becoming president soon. I know my mom was so proud of him. She couldn’t wait to be the president’s lady. It was all she talked about. They had big plans for the club. They were going to run it together.

My dad, me, and the Ravens were all she had. Her parent’s had died in a plane crash when she was only seventeen. We were her world and she loved everything about it.

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