Jemes-Barrie-Peter-PanPeter Pan – the boy who would not grow up – lives on the island of Neverland, it is the leader of the lost children. They have to fight with the pirates, bosses that a one-armed Captain Hook. One night, Peter Pan with the fairy Tinker Bell flies into the room Wendy Darling and her two brothers and takes them with him to the island to Wendy’s mother was instead lost children. The guys are going through some interesting adventures, where there were no Indians, pirates, a crocodile, a poisoned cake.

But Wendy’s brothers still bored by parents. Reluctantly, Peter brings them back home. Good luck: Mom and Dad Darling adopt all the lost children, and Peter Pan does not want to stay with them, so that, God forbid, do not grow up.

Tale known and loved all over the world, but especially honored its heroes in England. In London, there is even a monument to Peter Pan.

The Disney’s version of the James Barrie fairy tale is gorgeous. Their main character can fly, there a lot of pixie dust and magic, mermaids and of course – the Neverland. It’s a magnificent tale and Peter Pan remains to be one of my favorite Disney movies (not my favorite, but in the top). And it is not only the story about the magic boy, who can fly.

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