Pagan by Jessica GadzialaI didn’t know he came home until I woke up the next morning with his warm body curled against mine, his face in my neck, and, well, his hand at my boob. Like usual. And there were a long couple of minutes that I could just be still with him, enjoy having him nearby, take comfort in his strength. Then I remembered we had some things to discuss. Namely, what the big secret was that everyone else seemed to be in on except me.

I wasn’t naive; everyone had secrets. Everyone was entitled to keep some things close to their chests. That being said, if literally everyone around me knew something, it didn’t sit right with me that I didn’t.

“Nope,” I said when I felt his thumb move out to start working my nipple into a hardened point.
“Nope?” he asked, sounding a mix of amused and confused.
“We need to talk,” I declared, rolling to my mother side to face him, almost reconsidering my stance on the talk-then-maybe-sex thing at seeing his cock already hard and straining and promising fulfillment to the need growing in my belly.

I wouldn’t be distracted by his dick, damnit!
So long as I looked away from it, that is.