Oliver by F.G. Adams, Daryl BanneName of eBook: Oliver
Author: F.G. Adams, Daryl Banne
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
The book «Oliver» by F.G. Adams, Daryl Banne Review and Quotes: Currently, I’m transfixed on the blue and orange flames flickering back and forth across the sandy-brown pebbled beach from the blazing fire of my camp.

I close my eyes to listen to the sounds of the bubbling river as it lulls my shattered soul. The sun is setting on the horizon over the Ozark Mountains. Quieting my thoughts and filling me with a sense of peace. A small reprieve from the otherwise chaotic upheaval muddling my brain.

Except for the insistent cicadas and frogs. As well as the occasional pecking rhythm of a woodpecker high in an old oak tree on the mountain slope. The familiarity infuses me with life; still, at the same time, my body’s unrelenting dull ache caused by the broken pieces of my heart is torment.

Twenty-five agonizing days have passed since she left. Ripped away from me in a split second. My life changed in an instant. Not for the better, and not by choice.