Not That Kind of Girl by Lena DunhamName of eBook: Not That Kind of Girl
Author: Lena Dunham
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature
Available Download Formats: ePub

The book «Not That Kind of Girl» by Lena Dunham Review and Quotes: The main character named Lena, desperately trying to be funny, but it turns out it only when it comes to work and attitude to his body. Has reached the most of a tedious, lingering, useless, except the author, the entry in the diary. As a way of self-acceptance, an attempt to structure experience – excellent. How this experience struck me as valuable? Any how.

Nothing new, his depictions of sex, relationships with friends and family, Lena does not open. What about the body it was clear even from the “Girls” – and here I fully support Dunham, she’s done a great job, because she’s comfortable in her body, and she’s not even words that don’t apply to the current standard of beauty. About work – Lena is very lazy, as I understand it, helped her talent, and a bit of luck.