Nightmare in Red by Horst Gerlach EPUBIn the book “Nightmare in Red” the author Horst Gerlach recounts the fate of a German teenager, trapped in a Siberian camp after the onset of the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, the book did not meet my expectations. It’s not exactly what I wanted to read, because in fact Mr. Gerlach was neither a party to the hostilities, nor even a witness to them throughout the greater part of the war. So through the book is the refrain, the thought “I did nothing, and then the Communists held me down and now I’m in the camp, and when you get back home don’t understand.” The main reproach to the side of the Communists, apparently an allusion to the fact that if Gerlach in the hands of the British army or the Americans, they wouldn’t even be a delay.

To read this book I was inspired by another book authored by albert Speer, in which he shares his memories of the third Reich and the work and friendship with the Fuhrer. I was wondering how the Germans saw the war, what they felt, what thought. After all, many books written, movies filmed on the theme of the heroism of the allies against fascism, USSR, USA, Britain, heroic deeds. But the Nazis were human beings too, oddly enough, and something felt.

The language of the book Nightmare in Red is not very diverse or interesting plot twists. Horst Gerlach can’t even properly convey his emotions. Sometimes there are phrases like “I don’t remember what I thought then, but…”. In fact the book Nightmare in Red – listing of events in chronological order, dry, flavored only emotions “I’m scared” and “Frightened though… I…”.

To say that the book gave me something new, I can’t. If I imagined described in the book events, I would have modeled the situation. To say that the story added a new unknown parts that can’t. To read recommend only in case of urgent interest to the events of the second world war.