My-Name-is-Lucy-Barton-by-Elizabeth-StroutName of eBook: My Name is Lucy Barton
Author: Elizabeth Strout
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama
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The book «My Name is Lucy Barton» by Elizabeth Strout

Review and Quotes: Do you think that may be common between two women in one room, in a hospital room? They are close by, mostly silent. One of them can’t sleep because sick, the other because it’s a tradition from childhood, and why — nobody knows.

Occasionally start talking, mostly about nothing, remember the past, friends, different events. Mostly talking about other — about the past girls who grew up and unsuccessfully married, on tabloid magazines, tabloids, and a little bit about celebrities. But do not say about each other, this topic is avoided. The mother and daughter. All seemingly so simple, but how much can be difficult moments in this very close and at the same time the most intolerable period. How much inside of the past of two women, connected by one blood, one life.

Lucy Barton is sick. Her mother comes to her for exactly 5 days, and then disappears as quietly as it appeared. Lucy had a rough childhood. Poor childhood in the barn with a strange silent parents; with a father who returned from the war and never recovered, with a mother who suffered and was hiding a strange secret, a secret past that Lucy will never be opened.

Then Lucy went to College. And ended up in a big city, in new York, in a strange city where you cannot see the sky, but where every day you can stumble upon a miracle: the artist, the writer in the store, therapist, dying of AIDS, the rich kids, the door swings open in front of the lonely sad old ladies. And the family Lucy had in the past. More precisely: there is a new family: husband and two daughters, but the family, it is no more.

And then Lucy becomes ill, and suddenly comes the mother. The narrative is quite small Roman Elizabeth Straut “My Name is Lucy Barton” florid, like a whirlpool of events, meanings, people, spinning in a circle, emerging from memory now and then again and again. This is the story of how close to each other people can be strange, different, incredibly far. But the Straut able to show that among such people there is a connection. Just one gesture, just one word, and tears, and all the past is no longer a wall, it is no longer an obstacle and not an insult.

You can sometimes keep back, you can hide, you can not even fully understand, but this is not important, important very different. Is the word “mother”, and this word is one of the most sacred words in the world. And whatever it is, we always return to our roots, our past, our parents, of which one will not.