Monsters of Men by Patrick NessIn the previous books of the trilogy by Patrick Ness perfectly built storyline, yet manages in every Chapter to introduce a sudden turn, as if time loses the skills, why the action progressed, the characters break the superficial passions, and read it all unbearably boring. But already in the second third of the author shines like that of the preamble it is already delayed and starts on the remaining 400 pages to get rabbit out of a hat, snake, pigeons, in General, the whole set of the story above that my head is spinning.

There will be the unexpected return, and a double final, and fatal mistakes. The previous two books were about honor, revenge, challenges, choice trust, this is about transformation (we change others, but others change us, even though we may not see it) and, last but not least, love and memory. Not perfect, but, nevertheless, the author coped with another difficult task – to show the thinking of an alien race completely different from humans. Speckly have the same motivation as men, but ness finds an interesting way – gives human characteristics spenlow and space features people.