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The book «Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage #6)» by Greg Iles Review and Quotes: «Mississippi blood» is the final novel in the trilogy of the Iles “Natchez” – and probably the best of the star trio of thrillers. Almost 700 pages is a long and hard work. You can ensure that you will not be bored.

The main part of the novel takes place in the courtroom and causes an acute, surprising, chilling emotions. The prologue opens with a stunning statement that sets the tone for what needs to happen: “Woe to the lonely feeling; it transforms us in all the deserted Islands.” In this wonderful trilogy has so many characters who survive in the soul of the emotional storm that readers can only fasten the seat belts in anticipation of an impending collision, which will happen when they all gather in the same place.

Prolog also has a special significance for the Iles. This is explained in the passage where talking about Highway 61 in Natchez. It was on this very highway, he was in a car accident that nearly cost him his life. Probably, writing this trilogy was to him a means of healing pain.

“The blood of the Mississippi” tells of a court case in which Penn cage acts as Junior counsel to his father, Dr. Tom Cage, who was accused of murder. The victim is viola Turner, a former nurse who once was the lover of Tom. Viola was an African-American woman, and their relationship in Mississippi looked with extreme disapproval.

Penn is convinced that his father has nothing to do with murder, even though Tom wants to plead guilty. He is convinced that everything points to the hated branch of the KKK “Double Eagle” at the head of the vile Serpent of Knox. However, you will need a lot of evidence to lift Tom off the hook. The problem faced by Penn and his colleagues, is that the lead counsel in the case of Quentin Avery had no objection that the Prosecutor Shed Johnson is on the case with his hand. Maybe Quentin has a plan, which nobody knows, or is he sabotaging it? As his fellow lawyer and the mayor of the city, Penn doesn’t want to abuse their powers, but will not allow the father to give up without a fight.

It’s hard to go into details of this amazing court case, without spoiling all the fun of reading it. The beauty of this novel is that the reader cares for the characters, surprised by every plot twist and trying to gather my thoughts before the writer will present the next surprise, but to no avail. This case is definitely not easy and not made easier by the fact that judge Joe elder sometimes is on the prosecution. None of the character will not walk away unharmed from the field of this legal battle, and secrets bubble to the surface in the most unpredictable moments.

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