That one word has never meant so much.

Ballet was my life, but after getting injured, that dream faded. I still needed fast money, so I sucked up my pride and decided to strip. Clubs could use a virgin stripper, right?
But from the moment I saw Cole Savage, owner of the strip club I was trying to get in to, all rational thought left me.

He was dark and dangerous, and his personality screamed arrogance.
I wanted him, and by the way he looked at me, I knew he wanted me as well.
But I should keep it strictly business. That’s what I told myself anyway.

From the moment I first saw Jana, I wanted her. She needed a job at my club, but the possessive side of me rose up, demanding she was only mine. I might have just met her, but I was already so damn territorial of her.
If she wanted a job, I’d give her one, but she’d be keeping her clothes on.
I’d been celibate for years, but it was time to change that with her.
Jana would soon realize what it meant to be mine.

A quote from the book: Mine by Jenika Snow

The room became hotter, the air thicker. My skin felt tight, and despite facing the desk and not hearing anyone enter, I knew someone had come into the room.
I turned around in my chair, and there he was, this imposing figure over six feet tall, wearing a dark three-piece suit, and having authority written all over him. His hair was coal colored, short. His eyes were this deep blue, so dark they almost could’ve been black. And I could see tattoos peeking out from under the collar of his shirt and jacket and creeping down his hands.

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