me-before-you-jojo-moyesThe plot of the book is very multifaceted and complicated. Of the characters, on the one hand, the young girl Lou. She lives a normal life in which everything repeats itself day by day. Lou’s is uneducated and she is not seeking more, she likes to work in a cafe and she feels quite happy. However, the cafe closes and Lou is forced to look for another source of income. Unexpectedly, the girl taking the place of a nurse for a young man of quadriplegia, the contract for exactly 6 months, with more than a high salary. Why 6 months? Why it took Lou, without experience with disabilities, and the minimum medical knowledge?

On the other hand, will, 35-year-old successful businessman, full of energy and strength. He loves life and everything it can be. He used to open up new horizons and doesn’t like to sit still. And this man suddenly appears in a wheelchair, paralyzed and with a whole bunch of diseases. To accept his new life and adapt to it – to will unthinkable. And then there’s this new nurse. This book raises a whole ocean of controversial and difficult issues. How to behave if a loved one is suffering so that you do not want to live? What if to live he did not want to? How to support a person, whose life is irrevocably changed, and nothing in this situation, you are not subject? What to do yourself suffering, when the only argument in favor of the struggle for life – the fear of hurting family?

When it comes to life, their own or someone else’s, no matter which side of the fence you are and what decision was made – there is a risk that somehow, someone’s heart will be broken.

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