married-to-the-mob-2-by-mz-lady-pPopular book Married to the Mob 2: A Black Mafia Love Affair written by the famous author Mz. Lady P. This is a very complicated story in which readers will have to deal. It was the happiest day in the life of the heroine when she got married. She soon learned that her father Angelo, but her husband does not want to have anything to do with him, and this creates a large “gap” between them. At the same time, she lives a modern life and buys the most fashionable and expensive things.

But her husband is in the mafia, and to understand that it is very difficult. Her husband Corleone-a strong, confident man who used to control everything, but he begins to lose control of the family, the loss of which he can not afford not to look weak in the eyes of others.

More drama, more romance, this is a fascinating and interesting novel that will not leave you indifferent.