jane-austen-mansfield-parkFanny Price, the daughter of one of the three sisters, the poorest, goes to the family in care of her aunt, Mrs. Bertram. All around I believe this step is a great commandment, just be sure to emphasize – in any case the girl should not think himself a match for richer cousins, not her position.

Girl turns into girl, impressionable, shy and somewhat painful. No in fact it is not interesting, and no one cares, except for cousin Edmund. Mr. Bertram is not in the country, Mrs. Bertram uses it as a housekeeper, other do not notice – she is leaving, she has almost no entertainment, except for those rides.

Have Fanny, of course, life is not sugar, furthermore, she is submissive and forgiving lamb, no character – one bessovestnoi. I am not impressed, and Edmund, between us, seemed deflating. But the girls prettier and livelier her fate is not more enviable, and all interests are reduced to a good marriage. While good manners, healthy teeth and a decent annual income – enough reason to definitely can begin to fall in love with a man or is determined to test him more favour than to the less wealthy opponent. And sometimes that was not, then offset against future groom was the number of acres, the manicured gardens and the house. Poor girls.

If you look for it, Edmund and Fanny are actually together for the calculation, and not for love, only calculation was different.

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