this-was-a-man-by-jeffrey-archerThe book «This Was a Man» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author’s of the book is Jeffrey Archer. The book starts very unusual. Someone is shooting, but nobody knows, and could not even imagine who it was. The main character, learns the truth about his wife, he suspects she is a spy. While the other character wants to write his book, but he constantly interferes.

His daughter, a gifted, talented girl, just graduated from school. With all the members of his family, there are different events. Anyone found out she was sick. This book is very interesting, has a fascinating story and of course the ending of this books makes you think and reflect on my life.

This book shows the author as a wonderful storyteller. Maybe you are a lover of family sagas, which describe interesting characters and lots of unexpected twists, then you should read this book!

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