Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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One of the most famous plays of the author. Another inspiration from the classic spoon, invitation to continue the theme for writers and musicians.


What a pity that the leaders, managers, and the powers that once read Shakespeare! Hardly anything new they learn, the point is not in a novelty – a motive as old as the world. Maybe they see underlined something that accustomed to what is treated as givens and reflect again.

What is ambition? Belief in a better fate for himself. The belief in their own ability to bear this fate. We have ambitions of spikes that are set in motion, and dig into the flesh, if that is the best fate will make itself felt gentle but demanding whisper. Flicker, it may be in the hands of another person. The benefits of owning it can be heard from a completely random people.

Bad is the soldier that does not dream of becoming a general. And where it will get to the former General? How can he give way? At first, it does not matter. But then, when a new status will need to hold at any cost, thirst immunity certainly present their accounts. Accounts can be unfeasible for a healthy human psyche. These accounts – the cries of conscience, ruined reputation, lack of sleep, the suffering of loved ones. Someone will master, of course, but at what cost and whether the mind remains healthy? And most importantly – Is the very real proplachennaya integrity? After all, nowhere is declared lifetime status resistance. Soldiers who dream to become a general will always be. Own ambitions shout louder need to respect other people’s greatness.

Should we allocate ambitious vassals powerful people, reward for his services? Mark – elated with success, they want more. Do not stand out – angry again and want more. Which is more dangerous than a vassal – elated or angry? What is more predictable? Question … which is still worth asking. Whoever enforces might be able to manage the situation. Even if Macbeth … The one who does not ask, – welcome to the situation is not “if Macbeth,” and that’s Macbeth!

It is believed that a good wife should be around to support her husband. Lady Macbeth was a good wife. I support him at all stages. In its infancy dreams, thinking through the details of the conspiracy, participation in it. And even – on the stage of madness from the inability to accommodate their actions. What would have happened if she had not supported him from the beginning? If it had not caught his ambition? Not an example of it on yourself? She’d lost her husband, most likely. Perhaps her sonorous name to be associated not with the femme fatale-podzhigatelnitsey-accomplice, and the company was gentle Ophelia. Society ladies out of this world, did not understand the mental anguish of their elected representatives. No, Lady Macbeth is not so. She shared the fate of the wife to the end. But if not as Ophelia, if you could change his mind, would be able to persuade to leave a daring venture? Perhaps destined to come true without blood? Who knows…

The play “Macbeth” – a tragedy. Moreover, with the triumph of justice in the final, that is found in the author’s not always the case. But despite this, day after day, after reading can not get rid of the desire to wash your hands.

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