Lover-Avenged-by-J.-R.-WardDespite the exaggerated volume, the seventh book was approximately at the level of the first volumes. Events are still countless, in addition to love stories and war with lesserly, here there are the intrigues associated with the struggle for power, and the theme sinatov in book seven affected directly.

The world is growing in breadth and depth, the characters more, even the people started to participate directly in the story. About the history of Riva, she seemed quite beautiful. There was less suffering than in previous books. Of course these mutual “I’m not worthy of it” and “she’s better off without me” nowhere to go, but the author is clearly more distracted by other storylines that did not give the sexy snot stream to overflow over the edge of patience.

Damn shame John, to be honest. Tormented by the question of how to resolve the intrigue of John Darius, but I have the feeling that he forgot about it all. Promising tie-in this book a huge amount. Hex and John, and a daughter of Letopisei, and Lesh with lesserly, view, about whom we will tell the eighth book.

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