The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J.R. Ward

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J.R. WardOur world is carefully hidden vampire community. They have their own king, its own knowing, its own hierarchy, their opponents, their problems. For secrecy they are complex in a way integrated into the world of men: some Nightclubs charge, someone at the stock exchange plays, someone is hired to do the dirty work type of particularly large-scale theft or murder, and some even got involved in the drug trade. In short, their from bloodsuckers scandals, intrigue, investigation.

The main plot revolves around the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but with mid-cycle characters will greatly increase. A definite plus is that these vampires actually burn in the sun, really feed on blood, and not in any degree do not light, except that their eyes Shine nevow, passion.

Another advantage is that the plots of the books are actually fun and not revolve around mere love of conquest. All the brothers, led by their king Room a very colorful personality, with a fairly complex problem, and traced the characters.

In addition, the Brotherhood is in constant war with malicious Lesserly, smelling of baby powder, reflects the violent attacks of the breakaway squad of vampires called the Gang of Bastards, well, and confronts the Palace intrigue of the dastardly nobility.

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