Jude-the-Obscure-by-Thomas-HardyThe book “Jude the Obscure” is very eventful. In General, the entire book represents a protest of the individual against public morality and prejudice. The struggle for the right to personal happiness, which can be enjoyed without regard to society.

If Jane Austen “Comedy of manners”, then there is a real “tragedy of manners”. The story is dramatic, deep and does not leave indifferent, everyone can find in it, so close, simple and stunningly vital, something for themselves.

So what else interesting to note: Jude was always poor. As they say about people with the door. There will be a good order – there will be enough money, won’t be – it is interrupted by small restoration works. But in those days, when he was a beloved woman, life was so great that only after some time to the reader to realize that, actually, and at this point it was hard for him, financial difficulties have not gone away.

However, his life was described in such words and in such terms that one might think that he is rich as Croesus, that no domestic difficulties marred his happiness. Rich is happy in the literature the same words that the man of small income.

It seems, that, all???, not in money happiness. Despite the criticism of the Church and its domestic despotism, this novel is truly Christian, which calls for mercy to the neighbor, not the declared, but the real, simple and everyday. Sad, but beautiful.

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