Joshua's Mistake by A. S. FenichelJoshua is one of the best FBI agents. He is part of the Department that deals with Mental investigation. Joshua is in good standing with the leadership of the FBI and is entrusted with the most important investigation. One day, Tessa is faced with a serious problem – she was accused of treason and premeditated murder. In order to examine all aspects of the crime, Joshua is given the task to investigate the mental state of Tess. None of the leadership of the FBI could not even assume that Joshua and Tessa fall in love with each other. Between them from the first sight broke sense, which they are not in power to refuse.

Joshua believes in the innocence of Tess, and is ready to do everything to clear her name. Joshua is ready to depart from the rules to save beautiful blonde girl Tessa, who has captured his heart. The book «Joshua’s Mistake» by A. S. Fenichel is a hit in the genre of romance.