I Capture the Castle by Dodie SmithThe storyline of this novel very attractive, and addictive. Young Cassandra lives in an old crumbling castle. She has a big family: the father, the author of one acclaimed novel, now in crisis, which, frankly, is too long; stepmother Topaz (I don’t expect platitudes like thick and vicious ladies), beautiful and clever, very original , it keeps the economy; sister, rose (the eldest), not so dreamy and romantic, but very beautiful; a brother, Thomas, still a child, but intelligent and wise beyond his years; and Stephen, the son of a maidservant, in fact, their employee, in fact, a true member of the family.

Cassandra keeps a diary which records not just the events of the day , it is what is happening, and thinks about his life, about feelings. She dreams of the simplest: a delicious and hearty meal, warm clothes. The family is very poor, they are not always tea there, what can we say about butter and meat. Nevertheless, they all are very friendly, and most importantly – do not lose heart. And most importantly-know how to laugh at your poverty, and shall be exalted above everyday life.

But suddenly they have neighbors. The two young men. And, of course, the girls fall in love. But everything is so confusing, so strange, is unclear. There are so many angles, but a single gram of vulgarity. Cassandra is a dreamer. Girl with a huge heart. Immediately she recognizes love, and when he realizes that in love, it’s getting late-her choice already, the groom’s sister.

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