A Hundred Summers by Beatriz WilliamsA novel «A Hundred Summers» by Beatriz Williams about youth, love, family and overcoming, played out on the stage of the thirties of the last century. The plot is again standard: two friends together at the University and have fun. The main character Lily suddenly falls in love with a cute, smart, beautiful… Jew named Nick Greenwald. Then it was turns out to be a taboo in decent society with Jews were trying to keep out. The author tells us the story of a love that is interrupted by some kind of negligence and stupidity.

Lily’s still in love with, but lost contact, and her best friend from childhood just as suddenly marries the nick Greenwald. It would seem, what’s the big deal if Nick Badji wouldn’t intrude in Lily’s life again, and so that they are impossible to escape. That’s the whole affair, other events in the book describe what is developing on the basis of this conflict. The author uses the method of parallel story of the events of the past and present. Which I must admit, a little confusing.

The book «A Hundred Summers» by Beatriz Williams can be attributed to a series of books for easy reading. It’s not loading the head and suitable for reading during summer vacation.