Hold Me by J. Kenner


My life with Damien has never been fuller. Every day is a miracle, and every night I lose myself in the oasis of his arms. But there are new challenges, too. Our families. Our careers. And new responsibilities that test us with unrelenting, unexpected trials.

I know we will survive—we have to. Because I cannot live without Damien by my side. But sometimes the darkness seems overwhelming, and I am terrified that the day will come when Damien cannot bring the light. And I will have to find the strength inside myself to find my way back into his arms.

A quote from the book: Hold Me by J. Kenner

The sun is low in the sky when I wake from my nap to the sound of Lara giggling outside. Damien’s left the doors to the balcony open, and her sweet laughter is floating in with the ocean breeze.

I’d changed into sweats and a T-shirt before lying down, and now I pad barefoot to the balcony, which has a view of a portion of the pool deck and a grassy area that had been wild with ground cover before the kids, but which we’d had landscaped during the months that we were waiting for our travel authorization to go to China. Now, it has a neatly manicured lawn, a sandbox, and a toddler-friendly playscape. Right now, Damien is wearing Anne in a baby sling as he pushes Lara on the rocking horse swing.

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