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Review the book «Her Brother’s Keeper (THE SACRED BROTHERHOOD #2)»: I went up behind her and pulled her back into my arms, as Rush and Archer set the trunk Rush had made for Maren’s birthday down at the foot of our new bed. She looked drawn and a bit pinched, and I knew she had so many mixed emotions about moving into her dad’s room, but overall it really was the best idea.

“It looks really cool,” Sage said, looking over everything. We’d overhauled the entire thing from the paint to the carpet, to the furniture which had been made by Rush and had been meticulously picked out of his dusting collection in storage lockers. Rush straightened and looked around, a shine of pride in his eyes.
“Mind if I get Mel up here to take pictures of it like this?” he asked.
Maren frowned, “Why?”

“Uh, because you guys did a bang up job and my furniture looks great as a result?”

Maren snorted, “Get your pictures, but your furniture is what makes the room gorgeous, retard.”

“Whatever, nerd-girl,” he raised his fist and Maren grinned and bumped it.
“I’m out,” Sage said to Archer and Rush, “they’re going to start making out.”

“Shit,” Archer grunted and was the first one out the door.

“Right behind you, kid. Don’t get come stains on anything until after Mel gets those shots for me,” Rush called over his shoulder, guiding Sage in front of him by his.

He propelled Maren’s little brother out of the room and I gave the lot of them the finger over my shoulder. My Angel giggled as I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her. My girl, my woman, forever.

“I love you,” she murmured and I smiled.

“Time to break in that new bed,” I said back.