Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World by Jonathan SwiftJonathan Swift wrote a truly great satirical novel «Gulliver’s Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World» in four parts: an essay Gulliver, first a surgeon, then the captain of several ships or simply Gulliver’s Travels. Hearing the name Gulliver people remember the story of Lilliput, and few people know that there were four great adventures in different countries, not only in Lilliput. This novel can be called a book about the history of England’s Swift or veiled great view of the state system, public order and morals of the bourgeois-aristocratic England by the author. The novel is divided into four parts and about this in more detail.


The first part – a journey to Lilliput. Many have read the children’s version, but I assure you it is not worth anything compared to the original. The plot is, Gulliver ship’s surgeon enters the storm and thrown on the shore of the country, inhabited by little people, and the main character tells how he lived there and what happened to him. He described the monarch and ministers, nobles and common people, the warring parties split the church, secret committee and hostile countries. But it was ridiculing contemporary England, everything is so disguised that it was possible to take it all in for a fantastic story and not see a hidden meaning.

The second part – a journey Brobdingneg. Again the author is repeated, violent storm, landing on the shores of the country where the giants live. Again, the details of how the hero taught the language, describe farmer’s way of life, the royal court and adventure. But like most thinking about the role of war in our lives.

The third part- the trip to Laputa, Ball, Barbie, Lagnegg, Glabbdobdrib and Japan. Fantasy from the author certainly strange. He could come up with a simpler name. And so, the beginning of the journey, as always, but the hero captured the pirates and deported to the island. Where he sees flying city Laputa, where people look very strange, addicted only music and mathematics. Then sent to the mainland-Ball Barbie country where everything came all the devastation due to amateurism scientists and bad reforms. Then the island Glabbdobdrib where wizards live, who can summon the dead, and the main character is talking there with great people who lived on earth. Then sent to the island Luggnagg, where he meets the immortal people and thinking about immortality go further. Then sailing to Japan, where he has to go home. But before leaving, we learn a little about the attitude of Japan toward Christianity and find out the cause of its isolation from the outside world.

And the fourth part – a journey to the land of the Houyhnhnms. Uporotyh most part. Country reasonable horses that behave like people and people who behave like animals. And as always, the hero learns the language, describes the country. But all this does not matter. The main thing that the author in this part of England, he harshly criticized, describes a world where there are no defects.


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