Gone Girl epubThe book «Gone Girl» by Gillian Flynn – is extract from a sick love. Crippled, beaten, crippled, tongue-tied, suffering from nervous disorders and all sorts of viruses. No one here loves sincerely and from the heart. If you dig deeper, the feelings of each will be akin to those of a child falling in the store on the floor and hysterical to get a new doll. And at home he concentrated will vykolupat doll eyes. Amy – unusual doll, she will come to you in the night, eyeless, torn dress, hanging on the hinge arm and would hate to giggle and whisper terrible things, yet your heart will not stop terror.

The dolls are too desire. Creating a family we reiterate that we will be together, till death do us part. But do not think that we can separate also the death of love, death, trust, understanding death, death talk at night, death of banter over each other, the death of a joint watching TV series and football, the death of tradition to cook Breakfast or give flowers. Remember the paradox about the ship of Theseus? It asks the question, if you replace all the parts of the new ship, will it be the same ship.

If in the soul of your wife destroyed the memory of how you went on vacation, ate like watermelons, prepackages from head to toe juice as collected leaves in the Park near your former school playing in the snow and made a snow Santa instead of women, and instead there is now crawling worms, weave their nets of the spiders and woodlice reproduce, can we assume that this is the same man you married? What if your wife dyed and cut her hair, eyelashes, made a couple of plastic surgeries, lost three sizes and began to talk only about fashion shows, although I quoted Sartre? Do you make promises to this woman?

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