Gone Cat by Sam GassonCharacters of this crime novel are two characters: an elderly retired detective Jim Glew and his eleven-year-old son-Prodigy Bruno, a notorious cat person.

Bruno, as a true son of his father, extremely in love with his occupation. The boy, despite his young age, very closely aware of the detective genre, the love of which was instilled by his father from an early age. No family night is not complete without viewing a second-rate detective films, methods of heroes of which kindly make fun of a father and his son.

But Jim’s not so smooth. Summer affect the health of the once popular detective and he was like sad that he was not, under the pretext of promise spouse was forced to complete the work of a private investigator and start a calm, measured life of the librarian in the family circle.

Rattery – neighbors and friends of the family Glue, going through a difficult period in relations, accompanied by the eternal shouting and swearing I have a son Dean – the same age as Bruno, and often use the help of neighbors, in order to protect your child from scenes of fighting. One morning, on the eve of argument Sattarov, Jim decides to pay a visit to their home, to know when to bring back their son Dean and becomes a witness of a terrible picture – Dean’s mother with a broken head lies prostrate on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood and in the next room, strewn with whisky bottles lightly snoring her husband, whose pants smeared with blood.

Suspicions of murder fall on him, but the guilt from completely denies and requires old PAL Jim to repay him by proving his innocence. So begins this fascinating detective story, to investigate what remains of Jim with his son. However, these two investigations have different contrast.

When we see the honed skills of Jim collecting evidence and despair that it is over time more and more sure of the guilt of the neighbor, comes in eleven-year-old Bruno and with characteristic carelessness and children developed intuition finds new leads, conducting a great investigation.


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