the-girl-who-drank-the-moon-by-kelly-barnhillThis best selling the middle class will captivate you with its charm. This story is about a town whose residents support the tradition. And one of them is that once a year they leave the newborn as a gift to the witch that lives in the deep, dark woods. This gift ensures that she will never enter the city. But really this witch is not so terrible, she doesn’t eat babies, and gives them in good hands on the other side of the forest.


She teaches them to be stronger and gives them a gift, the child drinks the moonlight and gets magical powers.

Once dormant volcano, which slept for many years decided to Wake up, and the kids who drank the moon decided to save the inhabitants from his awakening. This is a very exciting and thrilling book. With an interesting storyline. The characters are described very vividly and lovely. Take this very cool book and enjoy it with their children.