The-Girl-with-the-Dragon-TattooWhat might be lurking outside the well-being of Swedish society? In the country away from the ideals of socialism, even where the conditions of detention in its comfort compete with the amenities in the luxury hotel? Stieg Larsson gives the answer to this question in his detective novel «The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

As it turned out, behind the screen of the Paradise of prosperity may be the lot is extremely ugly. The journalist of the monthly magazine Millennium, Mikael Blomkvist, by the will of circumstances, finds himself embroiled in the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of one of the members of a family of hereditary Industrialists, occurred as much as 40 years ago. The clan of Vangers is a large family with old secrets and musty from mold secrets.

Mikael Blomkvist together with females Lisbeth Salander, an outcast in the social hierarchy of Sweden, but a talented hacker will have to work hard in order to drag out into the light all these mysteries and secrets. So vile and disgusting that the customer even hesitate to publish the results, happily buying the silence of the journalist.

In parallel, developing the storyline, which played out the confrontation between Mikael Blomkvist with one of the Nouveau riche Sweden Hans Wennerström. A team of journalist and hacker, having worked coherence in the previous murky family history, did not miscarry and this time, hard handles major fraud each at their level, which eventually leads to its complete collapse.

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