Forever Beautiful by Ella BordeauxThe book «Forever Beautiful», authored by famous and popular author Ella Bordeaux, became a bestseller in the genre of «contemporary romance». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels. The book «Forever Beautiful» by Ella Bordeaux you can download in EPUB format or PDF. Review the book «Forever Beautiful»: Stepping out of the barn, I smiled when I saw Wyatt walking alongside a horse with Candace, a sixteen-year-old girl who had been date-raped five months ago. Her trust level with men was zero, so to see her laughing at something Wyatt had said—not to mention, seeing her conquer her fear of horses—made my heart swell.

As they got closer, I called out, “Hey, look at you! You graduated from brushing Mo to riding him!” Her smile grew from ear to ear. “He’s so sweet! It’s like he is so happy I’m riding him.” I laughed. “He is, trust me. Mo loves to be ridden. It’s his favorite thing, next to eating oats.” Candace giggled as she brought the horse to a stop. Wyatt took a step back and looked up. “Would you like help getting down?” She shook her head. “I’ve got this.”

With a nod, Wyatt reminded her, “Swing your right leg all the way over his back, and step down. Then, your left foot will slip right on out.”

Candace took a deep breath and did exactly what Wyatt had said. When both feet hit the ground, she beamed with pride. Turning to me, she exclaimed, “I did it. I did it, Skylar! I did it!” She rushed over to me and threw her arms around me.

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