Empire's End Aftermath (Star Wars)Name of eBook: Empire’s End: Aftermath (Star Wars)
Author: Chuck Wendig
eBook genre: Literature & Fiction › Genre Fiction
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi

The “Empire’s End: Aftermath (Star Wars)” by Chuck Wendig Review and Quotes: Empire is trying to recover after a catastrophic defeat in the battle of Endor. The rebel Alliance − or rather, the now fledgling New Republic is planning to build on their success and strengthens the attack on the Imperial troops to not allow them to regroup and strike back. The enemy is on a distant planet Akiva, where the fleet of star destroyers lurking like a hawk before the attack.

In the course of intelligence operations alone, they can track the Wedge Antilles − but before he manages to convey his message to the leaders of the New Republic, the heroic pilot was taken prisoner. Meanwhile, on the surface Akiva former soldier of the Rebellion Norra Wexley finally returns home. She was tired of war, wants to see son who is almost forgotten. A new life away from conflict.

But that’s Norra intercepts a distress signal of the Antilles − and understands that can not get back in. However, she has no idea how close the enemy is and what the consequences for the entire Galaxy will have her dangerous mission…

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