The Emperor’s Blades (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne #1) by Brian StaveleyTHE EMPEROR’S BLADES (CHRONICLE OF THE UNHEWN THRONE #1) BY BRIAN STAVELEY – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD

Once this world was ruled by csection. An ancient race, who knew no death. A cool mind, free from the oppression of the senses. Consciousness, pure, devoid of a slurry of emotions. Then something (or someone) violated the order. The rot has penetrated to primordial nature, distorting, ruining it. The lack of spawned creatures, indistinguishable at first glance from csection, but completely different in nature.


The war was inevitable. For csection it meant arresting the epidemic. For others — survival of the genocide. Flawed, they were called people. In this conflict they have hardly had a chance, if not one advantage. The war lasted thousands of years because people, unlike csection and akin to the microbes multiply too fast. After dozens of centuries of csection turned into characters of fairy tales that parents tell kids from edge to edge of the vast Annoiance Empire. Soon forgotten and tales.

In the great history of Anura there are far more important the page is and the sea pressing problems. However, none of them seems unsolvable. Now ancient a number of years unshakable Imperial dynasty Machinenow, according to legend, leading the race from Interra, goddess of Light, and from the heart of the Empire heaven piercing Spear of Interra, a gigantic tower where the main hall is the legendary throne. Only those in whose eyes is splashing the flames of the goddess, have the right to sit on it. Now those eyes were closed and the fire went out. Emperor Sanlitun is murdered.

It is bad when one person depends too much. For example, the fate of the vast and powerful state in the world. This tragedy becomes a complication for the main story, which will branch out into three directions, which tells the children of the murdered Emperor. The heir to the throne — Caden — some years brought up in a secluded mountain monastery, no exaggeration to say, in the world’s ass. Preparing at the time to take the place of the ruler, he understands such is important for any Emperor, and the intricacies of how to care for goats and pottery. The main purpose of the monastery’s worship of God Empty — achieving variety, finding inner emptiness, desolation of consciousness from all superfluous. And Cayden can boast a resounding success, except that the collection of bruises earned from teachers.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the card, the second son of the Emperor, Valin is being trained for service in the elite special forces of the army annoiance — Central. In General, a mixture of ninja and airborne troops, as the vehicle uses huge birds. Life in a training camp on the Islands is not sugar: the strictest regime, airtight testing, harsh, unforgiving teachers, the complicated relationship among cadets.

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