Two grooms. One fake fiancée. I was kidnapped by two men, cuffed and chained to the bed. When they tied me up, I couldn’t breathe. I was a virgin prisoner, held by alphas whose touch made me shiver.

Because Mason Major and Derek Channing are billionaires. They’d struck a business deal and needed a girl to be their fake fiancée — me. But first I had to be trained. When they tell me to bend over, I do it. When they tell me to cry out, I shake with pleasure. And even though the engagement’s fake, suddenly it feels all too real. Engaged? To two men? YES PLEASE.

A quote from the book: Double Dare by Cassandra Dee

I strode through the basement of the luxury office building, my long legs eating up the hall. It was deserted, the hum of machines vibrating, the clank of an elevator switching into gear. But a low moan reached my ears before sliding into a high-pitched whine, punctuated by a breathy, muted gasp. What the f*ck?

My steps slowed until I was standing in front of the women’s restroom. Another gasp rang out, followed by a shriek and then a full-on scream of ecstasy, the walls of the restroom turning the place into an echo chamber. By now my dick was ramrod straight and I pushed the door open, sure I was going to catch some couple in flagrante, fucking each other up against the wall.

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